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Daily Routine Kit - Man

699 kr

A kit that contributes to your energy and your immune system. Put these products in your morning routine and see a positive result after only 4 weeks!

The kit has a value of 586 Sek. 

The kit contains:

Level Up x 2

A smooth and healthy energy boost in effervescent tablet form.

Level Up contains as many as 7 different B vitamins, which reduce fatigue and exhaustion, as well as vitamin C, which protects against free radicals and improves the immune system. Also contains caffeine from guarana and green tea which gives you energy instantly!

Effervescent tablets loaded with nutrients and energy.

High caffeine content 75mg / 100 ml. Contains caffeine from Guarana and Green Tea. One tube contains 15 effervescent tablets. Not recommended for children or pregnant and lactating women. Recommended daily dose for adults and children over 16 years: 1 tablet.


Acid (citric acid), acidity regulator (sodium bicarbonate), sweetener (sorbitol, sucralose), dextrose, guarana extract, aroma (tropical fruit), green tea extract, caffeine, vitamin C, corn starch, inulin, dye (beetroot powder, sweet potato), niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, chromium, vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin.

Dailys Man

All of today's vitamins in small packaged portions, simple, affordable and effective.

Our Dailys helps you get the nutrition you need in a simple and flexible way, whether you are on the move or at home. Put our Dailys vitamins in your daily morning routine and let your body do the rest. Dailys Man is developed with a set for the man's daily nutritional needs. Dailys Man is a smart and easy way to get the substances the body needs to feel good, where a package contains 28 daily portions that cover four weeks of consumption.


Contains 13 essential vitamins that the body needs to function normally. We have also added a number of minerals that all contribute to positive effects for the body.

Omega 3

Our Omega 3 is of the highest quality, certified by FOS and contains long fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, which are mainly found in oily fish.


Chaga is a fungus that grows on birch and contains large amounts of antioxidants. Free radicals are constantly released in the body and to neutralize them we need antioxidants. The amount of antioxidants in different foods is measured in something called ORAC. Wild blueberries have about 9,000 ORAC units while the Chaga has between 60,000 - 360,000 ORAC units.

This health product does not replace a varied diet.


Multivitamin: Maltodextrin, fillers (microcrystalline cellulose), vitamin C, iron, vitamin E, surface treatment (hydroxypropylmethylcellulose), anti-caking agents (silica, fatty acids, magnesium salts of fatty acids), niacin, zinc, beta-carotene, pantothenic acid, manganese, vitamin D, copper, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, folic acid, chromium, vitamin B12, iodine, selenium, molybdenum, biotin.

Fish oil capsule: Fish oil, surface treatment agent (glycerol), fish gelatin.

Chaga tablet: Chaga extract, maltodextrin, fillers (microcrystalline cellulose), anti-caking agents (silica, fatty acids, magnesium salts of fatty acids), surface treatment agents (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).

Relax shot

Relax is an herbal drink with mushroom extract, minerals and MSM. It also contains GABA which is found naturally in the body. Relax is developed for you who want a better and deeper sleep.

Also contains magnesium, zinc and copper. Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function, normal energy metabolism and to reduce fatigue and exhaustion, for you to wake up more rested and recovered. Zinc contributes to cognitive function and copper protects the cells against oxidative stress.

Drink 15 minutes before going to bed to relax, so you wake up rested and recovered.

Dietary supplements are not an alternative to a varied diet and should be combined with a healthy lifestyle. Not recommended for children and pregnant or lactating women. Contains sweeteners. Made in Sweden.


Filtered water, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), acidity regulator (citric acid, malic acid), gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), magnesium (magnesium oxide, magnesium citrate), flavoring agents, cordyceps powder (Ophiocordyceps sinensis), chamomile powder (Matricaria recutita), sweeteners (sucralose), preservatives (E202, E211), zinc (zinc citrate), copper (copper gluconate).

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