Please note that we currently only deliver our products within Sweden, Finland and Germany.


When you have completed your order, an order confirmation will be sent to your e-mail address. In the confirmation you will find all information about products, price, billing and delivery address. If there is any error in the order confirmation, you must contact our customer service immediately. We do not change orders that have already started to be handled by our warehouse.

Failure to order confirmation

Due to a technical error or other circumstances beyond Homie's control, your order confirmation may be late or completely absent. If your order confirmation takes more than 30 minutes, please contact our customer service.


Order placement is handled in Homie's webshop and payment is made directly via credit card or other payment methods. If you pay by credit card, the money is deducted directly from the account and then handled in our warehouse and the order is sent out 1-3 days after the purchase has been completed.

Regarding the security of credit card payments online, all payment information is encrypted. As Homie-Life in Balance works with an authorized payment service provider, credit card information is handled correctly and in accordance with international security standards. 


When you order your goods, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided when purchasing, confirming that we have received your order. This order confirmation also works as your receipt and can be good to save in the event of contact with our customer service.


Prices do not include costs for delivery and other fees that are clearly stated as a supplement to the price during the ordering process and which may vary depending on the value of the order. Shipping fee is not paid if the order exceeds the specified amount on our site. Limit for free shipping is displayed on all pages within our website. The information is located at the top of the page. 


The ordered products can only be delivered within Sweden, Finland and Germany. Delivery will take place to the address you specified in your order or the nearest delivery point, this will then be announced via text message or avi in the mailbox. We will process your order as soon as possible and the normal delivery time is 2-5 days after your purchase has been completed. During the high season when many more people shop with us, it can take a little longer before your products are packed. We cannot be held responsible for delivery delays caused by circumstances beyond our control. The risk and ownership pass to you upon delivery of the products. Homie-Life in Balance is not responsible for missed, incorrect or delayed delivery of an order caused by you filling in incorrect or incomplete personal information. We reserve the right to refuse an order from you at any time if we reasonably suspect that you are violating our terms. 


You as a customer are responsible for ensuring that there is a recipient who can acknowledge the delivery at the agreed delivery time. If you are not on site to receive the delivery, it will entail costs for us, which we reserve the right to charge you for. For example, if you as a customer did not pick up your item from the delivery point despite reminders, were not available to receive the delivery or could be reached at the specified telephone number, provided incorrect information by name, address or contact information, or if you refused to receive the delivery. Your package is normally in the post office for 7 days before it is sent back to our warehouse. In the event of an unredeemed package that is returned to us, you will be charged a fee of 150 SEK which is deducted directly from the refunded amount. 


All prices in the store are stated in SEK (unless otherwise stated or chosen by the user). All prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices caused by price changes from suppliers, technical errors, incorrect printing in the price list and errors in prices due to incorrect information and we reserve the right to adjust the price. 


Homie-Life in Balance processes personal data in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Information that can be linked to you as a person will never be available for other activities or linked to other, external registers. 


Homie - Life in balance offers a variety of services that you can use in different ways. Depending on whether you contact us via the web, by phone, in person or otherwise, and depending on which services you use, different data is generated from different sources. Many of the information we process you leave yourself when you use our services or contact us. For example, when you register and for this purpose enter your name, e-mail address or address. However, we also receive device and access data that is automatically registered by us when you interact with our services. This may, for example, be information about which device you are using. We collect additional information through our own data analyzes (for example in connection with market research and evaluation of customers). We may also obtain information about you from third parties, such as credit reporting services and payment service providers.


Homie processes your data in accordance with all applicable laws on the protection of personal data. In doing so, we naturally take into account the principles of data protection legislation for the processing of personal data. Therefore, we process your data only for the purposes described in this privacy policy or in the collection of data. It is primarily about the purchasing process and the provision, personalization and further development as well as the security of our services. In addition, we use your data within the framework of the strict Swedish and European data protection legislation, but also for other purposes, such as product development, scientific research (especially in machine learning, artificial intelligence and deep learning) and market research, for optimizing business processes, needs-based design of our services and for personal advertising. 

Your information is used by us for personalized advertising, which is displayed to you in the Homie services and on other providers' websites and apps. For this purpose, we use standard Internet technology. In this way, we can use our advertising purposefully to provide you with advertising and offers that are really relevant to you. This enables us to better meet our users' needs when it comes to personalization and to discover new products and to permanently get you interested in our services through a more personal shopping experience. 

Under the respective statutory conditions, you have the following statutory rights with regard to your personal data: Right of access (GDPR, Article 15), right of deletion (GDPR, Article 17), right of rectification (GDPR, Article 16), right of limitation of processing (GDPR, Article 18), right to data portability (GDPR, Article 20), right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (GDPR, Article 77), right to withdraw consent (GDPR, Article 7, paragraph 3) and right to object against certain data processing measures (GDPR, Article 21). 

We will store your personal data for as long as is necessary for the purposes mentioned in this privacy policy. This applies in particular to the fulfillment of our contractual and statutory obligations. Where applicable, we will also store your personal data for other purposes, if and as long as the law allows us to continue storage for specific purposes, including to defend legal claims.


This online store uses cookies according to the Electronic Communications Act, July 25, 2003. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and which contains information to help the online store identify and track users. Cookies are available as session cookies and as cookies that are stored permanently on your computer. During your first visit to the online store, your browser will be assigned a session cookie that is unique and used to not confuse you as a user with other users. In order to use the online store, you should allow cookies in your browser. This type of cookie is only used to give you as a visitor a better experience and support and does not store any personal information about you. Cookies can be deleted. In this online store, cookies are used, for example, to keep track of your shopping cart, your settings and which pages you have visited in order to give you a better customer experience and support. 


The whole page is encrypted SSL. If you are on a website where it says https in the address bar, all traffic between you as a visitor and the server you communicate with is encrypted. This makes it very difficult to eavesdrop or manipulate the information sent between you and SSL thus provides a much higher security than an unencrypted http connection.



If you wish to cancel an item, this must be done before the order has been processed and proceeded to packing. To cancel an order, you must go to your page, select the correct order and there change or delete placed orders. 


At Homie Life In Balance, you always have a 14-day right of withdrawal. You bear the shipping cost yourself and it is important that the product is not used before a return takes place, so the packaging must be unbroken. 

When your return has been received, it needs to be approved by Homie Life In Balance, in the event of an invalid return, we will get back to you via email. 

Upon return, you are responsible for the risk of the product and it is therefore very important that the product is returned in an undamaged original packaging and that all possible accessories and manuals are also sent. Feel free to use the original box your order came in as outer packaging when returning. Pack your return well and send your package traceable - NOTE! Not recommended.

Mark the return clearly with Kling Homie AB, add a note where your name and email address appear and send the package to:

Orio AB

Att: Homie

Flättnaleden 1,

611 45 Nyköping

Refund of received and approved return takes place within 30 days. 


A complaint must be made via our customer service. Complaints about broken products must be made within a reasonable time after the fault has been discovered. Please note that the broken product and packaging must be saved until the case is resolved. If the product is not in stock or has expired, we will contact you before further handling. We normally handle complaints within 1-5 working days depending on workload. In the event of an approved complaint of purchase, we will refund the amount for your order within 30 days. 

If an item should be missing in your delivery, contact us directly via kundservice@homielifeinbalance.com. A written complaint and image documentation on the package must be received by us no later than two days after receipt of the delivery. Please note that you must save the original packaging for any investigation. All our products are weighed and scanned for packing. Should it happen that a product is missing, a complaint will need to be made to Postnord, the customer does this directly through their page https://www.postnord.se/kontakta-oss/reklamera. Should it be a case of theft, a police report is also required. 


In case of broken or opened carton upon delivery, contact your delivery point immediately when you pick up the package. They have ready-made forms for reporting claims.


In the event of a return, the consumer is responsible for any shipping costs. In the case of defective goods, the return strip is treated as stated under "Complaint". 


We have undertaken to deliver the product / products that follow from the agreement you have entered into with Homie-Life in balance. As a consumer, you always have statutory rights in relation to products that are damaged / incorrect / incorrectly described. These statutory rights are not affected by the right of withdrawal or our general terms and conditions. Advice on your legal rights in Sweden can be obtained from the Swedish Consumer Agency.


We reserve the right to make printing errors on this website as well as the final sale of products. We do not guarantee that the images reflect the exact appearance of the products as a certain color difference may occur depending on the screen, photo quality and resolution. We always try our best to expose the products as accurately as possible. 


In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved in agreement with the company's customer service and the customer, you as a customer can turn to the Swedish Allmänna reklamationsnämnden.

Other EU countries 

For residents of an EU country other than Sweden can file complaints online via the European Commission's dispute resolution platform, see http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. In the event of a dispute, we follow decisions from ARN or the corresponding dispute resolution body. Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these general terms and conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and law. 

Limitation of liability 

We take no responsibility for indirect damages that may occur due to the product. We do not accept responsibility for delays / errors due to circumstances beyond the company's control (Force Majeure). These circumstances can be, for example, a labor dispute, a fire, a war, a government decision, reduced or no delivery from a supplier. Furthermore, no responsibility is taken for any changes to products / product properties that have been changed by the respective supplier and other factors beyond our control.


We reserve the right to make changes to the terms at any time. Changes to the terms will be published online on the website. The changed terms are considered accepted in connection with ordering or visiting the website.


Facts are provided with a reservation for printing errors, suppliers' possible incorrectly specified technical specifications, etc. The information provided in this way does not constitute a commitment on usability, suitability, guarantee, etc. other than where it is directly stated. Homie Life In Balance reserves the right to change all information without prior notice. When you shop at Homie Life In Balance, you enter into an agreement. To enter into an agreement, you must be 18 years of age or older. If you are younger, one of your parents must approve the purchase for the agreement to apply. 

Contact information

Kling Homie AB

Org. number: 559097-3458

Brantvägen 3

133 42 Saltsjöbaden

Phone number: 08-520 238 01

Phone hours: Weekdays 08.00 to 16.00



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