The family behind Homie

Hi, my name is Sekina Kling and I am the CEO & Co-Founder of Homie.

In 2018, my husband and I started Homie after running several other companies for about 3 years. Now we run several companies together and our children have been involved in our journey from the beginning to now. Our children have also been around and given us ideas and inspiration for the products we have developed so far, which makes us feel like a family business.

In a family where we are two parents who run companies and work hard, just as for many working parents, it has been a challenge to achieve a healthy balance in life. Many people, in my opinion, walk around and survive life instead of living life. For many, the energy is not enough to put together the life puzzle and it can feel difficult to get into the healthy routines we would have liked to have had.


Before Homie, I did just as many may still do: I bought vitamin supplements I heard should be good for my body and then I put it in a drawer in the kitchen. The first 1-2 weeks I remembered to take my vitamins. Week 3-4 I started to drop the routine and forget that they were there in the drawer, to find the vitamins over a year later and then the date had expired.

Following this insight, we chose to develop a vitamin supplement that contains the body's daily needs of vitamins and minerals. But to make it easier for people to get a natural routine with their vitamin supplements, we chose to package it in a way that makes you want to leave it in front and decorate with it. Today, we have developed a variety of products to simplify your routines, make it more balanced and healthy.

In addition to optimizing our energy through products, we also share other tricks to optimize your energy and get a wonderful balance in your everyday life.

"Positive energy infects itself and
if we can make people shine a little more
we will have a more beautiful world ”.

CEO & Co-Founder
The family behind Homie

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