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Promeal - More than a protein shake

Promeal - Mer än bara en proteinshake

Promeal is a protein shake that you mix with water in a shaker. It is a convenient way to quickly get a snack, protein after a workout or still your hunger. You can also mix Promeal in different recipes to increase the protein content. Here are some tips on what Promeal can be used for.

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Different ways of using No Odour and Delete

Vad No Odour och Delete kan användas till

Several of our products have many uses, some more obvious than others. Here we have summed up information about No Odor and Delete. We explain what they do and what they can be used for.

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Why do we need Omega 3?

Varför behöver vi Omega 3?

That omega 3 is good for our health is no surprise, but why is it good? Omega 3 affects the body in several different ways, but we can not produce it ourselves. We have listed what effects omega 3 can have on the body.

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Different types of self care

Olika typer av self care

Taking care of yourself is a very important thing. There are several different types of self care that can be useful to know about. Therefore, we have listed five different types of self care and what you can do to take care of all aspects of yourself.

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Do you want to stay healthy this fall? - We have listed vitamins and minerals needed for a functioning immune system.

Vill du hålla dig frisk i höst? - Här listar vi vitaminer och mineraler som behövs för ett fungerande immunförsvar.

Vitamins, antioxidants and minerals are needed to strengthen our immune system. The cells in our body need nutrients to function well. Sometimes it can be difficult to get all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that is optimal for the body. Vitamins in tablet form together with a varied diet can therefore be great for boosting the immune system. Here is a list where we tell you about some vitamins and minerals that help the immune system.

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What is Chaga?

Vad är Chaga?

Chaga contains minerals, vitamins, sterols and phytonutrients, among other things, and has therefore been used for both palliative and preventive purposes. Chaga is a fungus that grows on birches and there are many health benefits of chaga. 

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Are you sleeping properly? - Four tips for a better sleep

Sover du ordentligt? - Fyra tips för att sova bättre

Are you sleeping properly? Or do you have difficulty sleeping?

When you sleep is the time when the brain and body recovers. When we sleep, the brain also processes all the impressions we have received during the day. There are many health benefits to sleeping properly and it can be easier to deal with stress.
We have listed four tips on things that create good conditions for a good night's sleep!
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Stress impacts your health - What you can do about it

Stress påverkar din hälsa - vad kan du göra åt det?

You will always have some stress in your life - we all have that, and that is normal. Some stress can be good. It can be a challenge that makes us alert, motivated or ready to avoid danger. But too much stress negatively affects the body. We have listed 5 tips on how to manage your stress.

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