Rätt näring hjälper mot stress - Enkelt, snabbt och gott mellanmål on the go

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Rätt näring hjälper mot stress - Enkelt, snabbt och gott mellanmål on the go

Stressen påverkar oss alla på ett eller annat sätt. Tyvärr kan stressen ibland gå ut över vår kost. Det kan vara svårt att hinna få i sig en komplett måltid med all den näring kroppen behöver när man ständigt är på språng. Rätt kost hjälper dig hantera stress En måltid som är väl sammansatt och består av såväl proteiner som högkvalitativa  fetter och långsamma kolhydrater kan ha en lugnande effekt på hjärnan. En näringsnyttig kost kan dessutom hjälpa till att motverka den påverkan på kroppen som stress har genom att bygga upp immunförsvaret och sänka blodtrycket. Därför är det viktigt att fylla...

Why eat supplements?

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Varför äta kosttillskott?

Dietary supplements are basically products that supplement our diet with one or more nutrients. We have listed several factors that make it a good idea to add supplements to your daily routine. Dietary supplements, however, are not intended to replace a healthy and varied diet, but should be seen as a complement to a varied and healthy diet.

MSM - The Beauty Mineral of Nature

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MSM – Naturens Skönhetsmineral

MSM, or in other words, organic sulfur is an important component of the structure of our bodies. Research has shown that sulfur is an important nutrient for the cells in our bodies to function optimally. Because MSM is an essential nutrient, this means that the body cannot produce it itself and needs to absorb the sulfur through a varied diet or dietary supplement.

Chaga - The Superantioxidant that Grows on Trees

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Chaga – Superantioxidanten som växer på träd

What is it that makes Chaga good for our health? First of all, it is crammed with nutrients that have been used for thousands of years as a medicinal plant in Asia. It is full of antioxidants and contains 500 times more antioxidants than a single blueberry. "The Mushroom of Immortality" and "The Black Gold of the Forest" are just a few nicknames Chaga has received thanks to its positive effect on our bodies.

Body Oil - A Feeling of Luxury that Works Wonders for Dry Skin

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Body Oil – En känsla av lyx som gör underverk för torr hud

Body Oil is a luxurious and effective body oil that is suitable for all skin types. With a mixture of cold-pressed sunflower, rapeseed, and avocado it quickly absorbs into the skin and gives a lovely feeling to the body.

The Mental Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

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De mentala fördelarna med att spendera tid utomhus

Being outdoors for just a few minutes each day can do wonders for your mental health. Make it a part of your everyday life to go out in nature for at least 15 minutes to prevent mental exhaustion, anxiety, or depression. This could be you taking a detour home from the bus or that you walk for 15 minutes during your lunch break. 

How to optimize your work from home

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Hur optimerar du ditt hemmaarbete

More and more of us have now adapted to prevailing circumstances and has now been forced to work more from home. Working from home often requires greater discipline. Some people feel that working from home is a pure luxury and that it simplifies the everyday puzzle. While others see a major problem in their work and discipline. We have listed 7 tips to help you optimize your work... 

Get to know your menstrual cycle - Hormone changes which gets us off balance

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Lär känna din menscykel - Hormonförändringar som får oss ur balans

Does it feel like you often are emotionally on a roller coaster? Welcome to life with a womb! Most of us women experience hormonal changes. It's not always easy to be a woman but we believe that everyone can find a balance that works for you! We go through all phases of the cycle and give tips on how you can get in more balance with your menstrual cycle.

What is Reishi? - The benefits of this magical mushroom

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Vad är Reishi? - Fördelarna med denna magiska svamp

Reishi is a medicinal fungus that is also known by the name Lingzhi and is very rare and grows at the base of deciduous trees. Reishi can vary greatly in both size and color, and it grows mainly in Malaysia, China, Japan and in the United States.

Reishi has been used in traditional medicine for more than 2,000 years....

In line with your balance - 10 minutes reset

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I linje med din balans - 10 minuters reset

When winter is here and you feel overwhelmed by the pandemic situation we are in, it is important to keep yourself in line with your own balance. Then you can need a quick reset every day to get in balance. We have a quick guide on how to do a 10 minute reset.

How do we strengthen our immune system?

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Hur stärker vi vårt immunförsvar?

It's not just cold times, but we are also in the middle of a pandemic. Keeping the immune system in balance has almost never been more important. A well-functioning and balanced immune system protects us from diseases and keeps us healthy. What is the immune system and why is it important?

We have listed 5 ways to strengthen your immune system.

When can you use No Odour?

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När kan du använda dig av No Odour?

Our No Odour is an effective odour neutralizer that encapsulates and eliminates bad odors. Works on all organic materials and does not leave any stains. But when can you use this product? We have listed some options below.

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