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    Do you have trouble falling asleep?

    Take a Relax 15 minutes before bedtime and fall asleep easier and get a deeper sleep.

    Köp nu

    For nourishment, radiance and hydration to your skin

    A softening and lovely body oil that does wonders for the skin.

    köp nu

    For your health

    Vitamin supplements adapted to your daily nutritional needs in simple daily portions.

    upptäck hälsoprodukter

    The healthy energy drink

    Wake Up is a tasty carbonated beauty energy drink with natural plant extracts as well as selected vitamins and minerals that is good for both your inside and outside.

    upptäck Wake Up
    Body Oil in travel size

    Body Oil i resestorlek

    Our Body Oil is now available in travel size, 100 ml. Perfect to have in your toiletry bag!

    Kurativ hudkräm

    Curative skin cream

    Skin Repair hjälper kroppens egen förmåga att reparera skadad hud genom att öka blodcirkulationen. Hudsalvan har höga halter av vaselin och vit lera utan att bli fet och kladdig.

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